Our Board members


A co-ordinating committee was appointed as initial members of the Board of Trustees. They were responsible for the registration of CHaRT-SL. They completed the registration in March 2013. CHaRT-SL is since then a fully registered national NGO in Sierra Leone.

A board is now being constituted. The following persons have accepted to serve on the Board:

  1. Chair - Dr. Len Gordon-Harris, Diagnostic Clinic, Bathurst Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone
  2. Dr. Martin Bangha, Vice Chair, Capacity Strengthening and Training Manager, INDEPTH Network, Accra, Ghana
  3. Member - Dr. Andrew Weima, Executive Director, CHaRT-SL (ex-officio)
  4. Member - Dr. Crispin Webber, Medical Doctor, Hagen, Germany
  5. Member - Dr. Fatmata Sesay, International Consultant, Freetown, Sierra Leone
  6. Secretary - Ashmia Fofanah, Barrister at Law, Freetown, Sierra Leone

CHaRT-SL Offices

Centre for Health Research and Training in Sierra Leone (CHaRT-SL)

Registered Offices:
1) Bo Road, Warima Village - main
2) 37 Will Street, Freetown
    c/o PMB xxx, Freetown, Sierra Leone
    Tel: +232 78 600489
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Legal Status

CHaRT-SL is a national NGO, business registered and incorporated on 26/02/13 by the Registrar General; registered on 14/03/13 with the Sierra Leone Association of NGOs (SLANGO); on 22/03/13 with the National Revenue Authority (NRA), TIN 1042204-8; and with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. It will finance its operations through consultancies, research grants from national and international research funders, donors and partners.




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