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The following publications have been carefully selected. Most of them are available freely online. Please click on any of them to view the contents. If you know of any publication that is based on HDSS or makes use of the HDSS platform as a sampling frame, please send the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. Global Health Estimates: Stronger Collaboration Needed with Low- and Middle-Income Countries
  2. Clustering of childhood mortality in rural Burkina Faso
  3. Sample registration of vital events with verbal autopsy: a renewed commitment to measuring and monitoring vital statistics
  4. Setting international standards for verbal autopsy
  5. Ageing and adult health status in eight lower-income countries: the INDEPTH WHO-SAGE collaboration
  6. Patterns of adult and old-age mortality in rural Burkina Faso
  7. Monitoring the millennium development goals: the potential role of the INDEPTH Network
  8. Levels and Patterns of Mortality atINDEPTH Demographic Surveillance Systems
  9. Global health and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  10. First experiences in the implementation of biometric technology to link data from Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems with health facility data
  11. INDEPTH Network: generating empirical population and health data in resource-constrained countries in the developing world
  12. INDEPTH Model Life Tables 2.0
  13. Environmental factors and malaria transmission risk: modelling the risk in a holoendemic area of Burkina Faso
  14. Spatial variations in childhood mortalities at the Dodowa Health and Demographic Surveillance System site of the INDEPTH Network in Ghana
  15. Lessons from History for Designing and Validating Epidemiological Surveillance in Uncounted Populations
  16. Shared innovations in measurement and evaluation
  17. Foreword: INDEPTH WHO-SAGE study
  18. INDEPTH Network: a viable platform for the assessment of malaria risk in developing countries
  19. Foreword: Clustering of mortality at INDEPTH member Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems
  20. Sharing research data to improve public health: a perspective from the global south
  21. Using health and demographic surveillance systems to investigate the impact of changes in ecology and climate variability on malaria transmission
  22. Do health and demographic surveillance systems (HDSS) contribute to the health of the african community?
  23. Population and health in developing countries

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